Every Scene Sends A Message ♥

when the sun called me !

On a wonderful very early morning the Sun called me and i looked towards it, and I saw in its soft and strong rays the meaning of life. As the spirit of the life is beautiful like it. Life is thus its strenght is soft, and Its softness is strong. Softness and strengh are not opposite, but on the contrary both are things that cannot be understood without the existence of the other one.

Great memories

When you get a wonderful meaning, or lets say when you understand it finally it's an great memory. In that moment we get an extra life, as wisdom increases our life, in a diffirent words it increases the value and the quality of our life. In this regard I will tell you what this lovely tree tought me. I saw the sky twice in the same place and under the same trees, the first time the sky was obscured from me by the branches of the trees

it was difficult to see the beautiful horizon, at that time a person might feel as if he was in a prison, how would a person live if the sky was obscured from him? What is our feeling towards these branches that prevent us from seeing the sky and the birds? Will it be possible to see its beauty or some of its positive aspects that every creature carries? But a moment.. before continuing with these bitter questions

Here is the tree opens a gate to heaven for us! And at that moment, I felt that the universe welcomed me, the clouds, birds, and the tree branches where clapping to me by the sounds of their laughter with the breeze, and then I discovered that those branches in the first picture were not a prison or something that calls for frustration or anger, on the contrary, they are the obstacles that we face in life and which we are because of it a better copy of ourselves, the difficult situations that happen to us, not only teach us and give us wisdom, but also give us a more beautiful life, because life is awareness, and when we are in a state of awareness, we are really alive, meaning that we are actually living! Therefore, when I saw the sky in the second image it was indescribably amazing and joyful, because the first image made me think and meditate, and after I became closer to realization I became ready for the awareness and tasted an amazing sense of life.

Made with Love by Aisha